Carly is Inspired Adventures: The Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the very first spring event that I look forward to each and every season. It’s held every March at the Philadelphia Convention Center, and my mom and I have been taking a day trip into the city since I was in college and my aunt convinced us we needed to attend. She was right. Oh my word.

Picture the largest convention center you’ve ever been to. Now picture it covered from floor to ceiling with flowers for days with each exhibit created around a specific theme (Italy, the United Kingdom, and Hawaii are just some of the themes from years past). Every designer’s creation looks like a piece of art, especially those featured this year because the theme was famous artists, and the entire center

Whether you’re able to attend a flower show, like Philadelphia’s, or you venture to a botanical garden or park, take a look at the flowers you see. Everything from a formal artistic arrangement to randomly growing wildflowers can be a source of inspiration for any type of event, especially weddings. Take note of the colors, textures, shapes, and specific types of flowers you love seeing together. Also, look for unexpected editions, like sequins paired with wood, bouquets wrapped with rhinestones, or pops of bright fabric wrapped around vases for a pop of pattern, to add to your arrangements for a unique touch. Those last three were some of my favorites from this year’s flower show adventure! Take a peek:

Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-22 Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-21Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-10Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-19 Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-18Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-1I loved seeing the bright chevron wrapped around the vases above (plus the bright citrus colored flowers are so perfect for summer). The buds placed in test tubes below are such a fun idea if either one of you happens to be a work in a field related to science. Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-4Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-14Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-8Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-12Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-6The arrangement above? It’s seriously the coolest thing ever. The lilies are handing from spoons, but I think this is such a fun idea to incorporate above a bar. And it’s pretty simple too. Hang your flowers upside down and use wire to attach the stems to a frame or rod that extends the length of your chosen space. Obsessed.Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-5Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-13Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-16These pearl broaches were one of my absolute favorite touches. This is one of the most approachable designs that I saw at the show that could definitely be used for bouquets or even centerpieces! Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-9Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-17My favorite idea for a rustic fete: pairing sequins with wood. Hello, rustic glam! :)Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-11Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-2Wrap rhinestones around bouquets for your ceremony, and then place them in tall vases for your reception for a perfect black tie look! I also love seeing vases with single blooms interspersed with groupings of larger arrangements.Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-24Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-3Carly-is-Inspired-Flower-Show-23White, citrus palettes, pink, and purple are all definitely in style along with geometric shapes, glam touches, and nautical anything and everything! Do you have any favorites from the flowers pictured above? I’d love to hear!

P.S: For more flower inspiration, check out the floral guide on The Bride’s Cafe! It’s so helpful for defining the names of the blooms that you love.

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  1. Chris says

    Your pictures are beautiful. It was like walking through the flower show again. Maybe you should think about expanding your career, you talented woman. LOL

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