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Happy Friday! I realized I haven’t shared a post about a few of the links I have been loving, so today seems like a great day to do just that. Get ready for an inspiring entrepreneur whose dresses you will want to purchase, a home filled with pink and gold decor, and one of my favorite posts that I was reminded of this week about being positive.


Photo via The Everygirl

Oh, Camilyn Beth. I adore your dresses. They have scallops! And bright colors! And they’re feminine and preppy! One of these dresses is definitely a piece to save up for, but in the meantime I loved reading Camilyn’s interview. She attended 16 weddings in the same year (let’s just take a second to absorb that number). Rather than purchasing a new dress for each event, she designed her own. Naturally, her business started from there. PS: Her office is beautiful too.


Photo via Nordstrom

I have a slight addiction to scarves. I wear them all year long as a way to add color and pattern to almost any outfit because they are so easy to toss on. This Sperry anchor scarf is perfect for the season (ANCHORS!), and it’s only $30. See more of my spring necessities here

Positive Vibes Only

Photo via The College Prepster

I actually found myself saying “positive vibes” this week. Or at least thinking it. Either way, I’ve been reminded of Carly’s post about that exact topic. What you put out into the world is likely what will be returned to you, so why not think and act positively? Positive vibes tend to make you get much further than you might think. :)


Photo via Carly is Inspired: The Shop

Painting makes me endlessly happy, and now that wedding season is officially upon us you might just be looking for a sweet, unique gift for your bridesmaids. I would love to paint canvases for your bridal party!


Photo via The Everygirl

This. Apartment. First, it’s above a garage, which is definitely not what you’ll think of when you see the full tour on The Everygirl. I love the curated pieces in Cat’s home, and the way she styled them is so spot on. Girly pink, gold, monograms, and a dash of pattern – it’s one of my favorite interiors to date.

HAPPY SPRING, friends! Happy reading (or shopping :) + have a great weekend!

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  1. Jeanette says

    Oh my! Cat’s apartment is so cool!!! She needs a set of your bow flutes to round out her collection of glasses :)

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