Tied with a Bow: Links I Love

I’ve known that the date was on the horizon, but I didn’t realize that my blog’s birthday was yesterday! Carly is Inspired is officially 1! I’ve been blogging for over three years, but I decided to launch this site a year ago with the hope that it would feel much more personal, much more me than anything I had done before. I also hoped I would be able to inspire someone who might share the same likes and loves as me. I love writing, creating inspiration boards, talking to brands, and “meeting” all of you. Your emails and comments are what make blogging so unique and so fun. Whenever I’m working on something for this site, I can’t help but smile. I hope you have a job or a hobby that you truly love. Thank you for following along. :)

Now for a few links I’ve loved over the past few weeks! It’s an eclectic mix, friends. PS: Get ready to bake. Seriously.

The First Post Ever:


Photo by Ryan Ray via Lover.ly

In honor of my blog’s first birthday, I have to include the first post I ever wrote! I’m still constantly inspired by Caroline Joy‘s bouquet. And I’m also amazed at how much I’ve been able to do in the past year. So much of it is because of blogging. Start something, you never know where it might take you.

BaubleBar x Nordstrom: 


BaubleBar Frontal Necklace via Nordstrom

BaubleBar created a collection for Nordstrom. Exciting! I love both companies because they create and promote pieces that are on trend that will not cause you to go over your budget. And the pieces in this collection? They’re so awesome! I love the combination of bright coral, gold, and tortoiseshell in the necklace above (all of the pink always!), and I also love this piece and this one too. Maybe a full post is in order on Monday.

Ann Shoket | The Huffington Post:


Photo via The Huffington Post

Ann Shoket is one of my favorite editors because she seems so genuine…and because we graduated from the same high school. :) Even though I’m 25, I definitely still pick up a copy of Seventeen now and again. I love the heart the magazine puts forth for teen girls, and Ann echos that message in her career feature with The Huffington Post. One of my favorite quotes from the piece is one that Barbara Walters told her early in her career, “Don’t imagine that your life now is the way it’s always going to be. You have no idea the adventures that are in store for you.” YES.

Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake | Style Me Pretty Living:


Photo via Style Me Pretty Living

Holy coffee cake! My favorite recipes are ones that involve fresh fruit, especially lemon. And I’m a huge fan of blueberry muffins. Combine the two, and it becomes a must try. The recipe seems fairly simple, and the step that seems like it will take the longest is actually baking it. Not bad! I’m pretty sure baking this coffee cake will complete my Sunday. I’ll make sure to post the result on Instagram!

Lion King Australia Cast:

Have you seen this video?! I’ve watched it more than a few times. The cast sounds so awesome, and they’re on a plane! I can’t even imagine being one of the lucky passengers on their flight in Australia. Make sure to take a few minutes and watch the video. I promise it’s worth it!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading along!

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